Cape Town, South Africa

Uma paisagem que escolhi pintar pela luta que deu pelas sombras e luz, do tema.Desafio de Março do blogue Virtual Paintout "Cape Town, South Africa"
Como é costume é Acrilico s/papel 25x17cm
Para venda / For sale


Kim C Pelletier disse…
Glad to see you submitted to the Virtual paintout – I was starting to wonder if you were going to participate – Great submission. I love the tree shadows on the road and which ads dimension to the painting.
Damião Vieira disse…
Kim C Pelletier Thanks for your comment.
It's very nice of you, I hope to continue to find ourselves in the challenges.
A hug
Eu também gosto do jeito que você pintou as sombras e as cores que você escolheu.
Renee Brennan disse…
Very nice composition and shadows!
Damião Vieira disse…
I am very honored with your comments.
Anônimo disse…
I missed this back in March on VP, so I'm glad you have it up here.

Love the light in this one!
Damião Vieira disse…
Thanks, A. Decker.
Unfortunately not always have time for challenges.
a hug